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About morConnect Inc

Recently, security issues and crime have been rising in Ontario, and morConnect is here to help provide the residents of Ontario and all of Canada with the security and peace of mind they need to live their lives right. Every person wants the best for them and their family. After all, your home should be a peaceful, comfortable, and secure place to live! 

We know that all anyone wants is to have what they need and save money while doing it, so not only can we here at morConnect provide you with safety and security, we can also help you lower your home heating and cooling costs at the same time. From whole home heating/air systems to carbon monoxide detection to water solutions, at morConnect, we know houses from top to bottom and can provide you with the best and most affordable solutions to meet your needs.

Our team of over 30 professionals has already installed more than 35,000 whole-home air and water systems all across the country, and we’re dedicated to taking the time to understand our clients and do the job right the first time.

Now morConnect has successfully served and worked in the Mississauga community for over two years to help residents feel more secure and comfortable in their homes. As a result, the company has decided to begin utilizing their experience, resources, and drive to help small businesses, not just homes! Their goal is to help these businesses expand and succeed through the power of technology. To help achieve this, the group has started purchasing revenue streams from over 15 companies in Ontario that sell smart home services.

By doing this, morConnect makes the products and services more affordable for the everyday family. They’ve officially begun financing smaller smart home vendors and their customers. By doing this, they help broaden their scope and product, two important components in their success as a whole. For more information about our morSecurity, morSafety, and morSavings packages, visit our website!

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